Lore: Matron of Starlight


The Matron of Starlight is a statue currently on 24-hour flash sale at Roo. Catherine’s inworld announcement says, “In the books of Lore, the Matron is the mother of stars, who created the moon from her breath. She also ushers in the season… and perhaps there is a hidden message?”

The vendor says, “The Moon was crafted from The Matrons Breath to bring light to those of the Sixth Realm. Shrouded in the cloak of Midnight, The Matrons Gift can be seen in its majestic glory during the Earths great turn, but only for a short time. The Stars are the Children of The Matron. When the Moon is at it’s brightest, they awake from their slumber and shine with her radiance.”

If you inspect each part of the statue, you will see the following, which I will leave to you to arrange to your liking:

The Matron of Starlight (root prim)
Object (breath particle emitter)
– (whisps)
– (whisps)
– (whisps)

Many thanks to Kristine Kristan for finding the parts I missed; I may be needing an SL viewer with a better build window if we’re going to get more of these hidden messages …

Edited to add: Moxie Polano’s given a hint, which is below.

Matron Of Starlight wouldn’t include
A part of the riddle that blank could intrude.
Objects are for building and part of 6th realm,
For things like butterflies and slippery elm,
I cant give any more hints it wouldn’t be nice,
But will leave off that I could say this twice.

Evidently she is offering a prize for the solution, which I only just heard about.

Added 1 October: The announced solution is, “Gravitational pull is against the Moon so I Know the time is Near. Make a choice!”

I liked mine better, because it teaches you how to fly: “I know the full moon time is near. Make a choice against gravitational pull.” (Okay, so it’s missing an “is,” but NOW YOU KNOW HOW TO FLY.)

Runes: Thirteen


I don’t like spoiling puzzles for others, so let me just mention that if you’ve been paying attention to what’s posted here, I’m pretty certain that we now have half of the alphabet. This is far, far more than any cryptographer needs in order to decipher a message!

Above: Gratuitous photo of Ysbryd, for no particular reason at all

Runes: Book Stand


From the book on the “Meeroo Book Stand,” located here. Thanks to Xbaquiyalo Etchegaray for locating this and teleporting me over, and to Imagin Illyar for mentioning it on the forum.

By the way, have a close look at the first word! I think we have our first key, folks. Now all we need are some sentences to play with.